Disaster Management Centre at ATI was set up in 1995 and is mainly  funded by Government of India. The Centre conducts regular training  programmes, seminars and workshops on natural disaster  management, environment and ecology for officials and elected  representatives of local government bodies. The approach to disaster management has undergone a radical shift in recent times from one based on relief and rehabilitation to a more  comprehensive approach laying emphasis on preparedness and  mitigation.  The Centre takes up various activities for sensitization,  awareness creation and capacity building among government officials,  functionaries from panchayati raj intuitions, urban local bodies, NGOs  and other civil society organizations as well as local communities  based on the new approach. A Community Preparedness Programme  for Disaster Management was successfully implemented with UNICEF  assistance. The programme involved training and capacity building of  local communities for preparation of village level plans for disaster  reduction and mitigation through a participatory process. The  programme was implemented in close collaboration with the  panchayats, local administration and voluntary organizations.    Disaster Management Centre Towords Risk Reduction The Centre is currently working on the followings: © Administrative Training Institute - Government of West Bengal It is also planning to take up a few  research projects, case studies  and best practices documentation. Centre of Excellence on Flood Government of India has approved  the setting up of a Centre of  Excellence on Flood at ATI  Kolkata. It will have among other  things, a resource centre and a  digital library. It will also develop  advanced simulation based  training modules and undertake  research, documentation and  publication of books, journals,  newsletter etc.  Report on Earthquake Sikkim Nepal Border?2011