© Administrative Training Institute - Government of West Bengal Publications Monograph & Price Publications The Right Attitude in Work & the Right Spirit Monograph No: 1/2004 Training Material on W.B. Financial Rules & Office Procedure Monograph No: 2A/2005, Combined in one Volume (vide SL 32) Training material on W.B.S.R Monograph No: 2B/2005 Manual of Training of Govt. official Monograph No: 2C/2005 The Philosophy of Service -- Swami Ranganathananda Monograph No: 3/2005 Reading on Public Administration-Part-I Monograph No: 4A/2005 Reading on Public Administration-Part-II Monograph No: 4B/2005 Law for Executive Magistrate Administrative Reforms in India - A must for Effective Delivery of Programme - by N. C. Saxena Monograph No:6/2005 Maintenance of Law and Order- by Suresh C. Vaish. Monograph No:7/2005 Inspections. By P. Bhattacharya, IAS Monograph No:8/2006 Reprinted as Inspections & Tours Administrative Re-organization to Enrich Democracy in India. Monograph No:9/2006 Tribal situation - by P. Bhattacharya, IAS Monograph No:10/2006 Administrative Reforms in India : Improving Service Delivery and From Outlay to Outcome - Dr. Naresh C. Saxena. Monograph No:11/2006 People Entitlements under Govt. Schemes. Monograph No:12/2006 A Probationer’s Training Diary by - Sri P. Bhattacharya, IAS Monograph No:13/2006 Sarkari Prokalpe Janaganer Adhikar Monograph No:14/2008 Unnayan Jebhabe Amra Dekhechhi Monograph No:15/2008 Hand book of Natural Disaster Management Monograph No:16/2009 Bureaucracy Monograph No:17/2009 Essential Service Values and Banga Monograph No:18/2009 How to become an effective Administrator Monograph No:19/2009 Case study methodology Monograph No:20/2010 Mannual for Training of Trainers on Human Development - Part I - Dr. A Ghosh, Joint Director, ATI Mannual for Training of Trainers on Human Development - Part II - Dr. A Ghosh, Joint Director, ATI The Bagnan Story of Women's Self Development The Documentation of Janmabhoomi Self Help Group Monograph Publication Priced Publication with Sishu Saitya Samsad Pvt. Limited : RTI Act, 2005 & Rules with Amendments Law for Executive Magistrate - Rs. 95/- Appu Papers - Rs. 85/- Inspection and Tours - Rs. 70/- Dimension of Law and Order - Rs. 110/- Training materials on West Bengal Service Rules & Financial Rules. - Rs. 115/- District Administration - Changes and Challenges - Rs. 160/- Crisis of Governance - Rs. 90/- Right to Information Act - Rs. 100/- Records Manual P.P. Manual RTI Publications : Tathyer Adhikar Sankranta Ain, 2005 Right To Information - Edited by Asoke Kumar Mukhopadhyay Tathyer Adhikar Sankranta Ain, 2005 abong Kichhu Prashna-O-Uttar CD - Tathyer Adhikar CD - Dialogue with The Wonder Monkey - Sri Salil Basu, Ventriloquist Office Procedure,WBSR and WBFR: Office Procedure West Bengal Service Rule West Bengal Financial Rule

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