Current Activities in The Natural Disaster Management Wing

The Natural Disaster Management Centre has been operational at A.T.I., West Bengal since 1995-1996 with support from the Government of India.  The centre takes up various activities for creating awareness and capacity building for the disaster management among Government Officials, functionaries from Panchayatraj Intuitions, Urban Local Bodies, NGOs and other civil society areas. The centre’s programmes cover aspect of preparedness, response, rehabilitation and long term mitigation in respect  of different natural disasters.

The activities of disaster management have undergone a paradigm shift from the emphasis based on relief and rehabilitation to a more comprehensive approach to preparedness and mitigation.  Under the disaster management centre, the training programmes are being conducted on disaster preparedness and mitigation in respect of Cyclone, Flood, Earthquake, Landslide and Drought along with programmes on cross cutting issues like Gender, Psychosocial Issues, Climate Change, Incident Command System, G.I.S., Remote Sensing, Urban Risk Mitigation, School Safety, Community Based Disaster Preparedness, Preparation of Disaster Management Plan etc.  Besides, Induction Level Training for Block Disaster Management officers / Disaster Management officers and Training of Trainers for district level trainers are being conducted.

It is proposed to set up a Center of Excellence for Flood Management as a part of the Disaster Management Centre to give focused attention to research, documentation and management aspects relating to flood in the Eastern Region.

Drawing from the past experience of working with local communities for Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation, programmes have been taken up for capacity building of local communities as part of the activities of the proposed Centre of Excellence for Flood.

Moreover, various materials like case studies, documentaries, docu-feature films and study materials are being developed for making training programmes more effective, interesting and trainee centered.  The best practices adopted during management of different  natural disasters would also be documented.

The DMC is also engaged in preparation of I.E.C. materials on natural disasters for the Government of West Bengal.  These would help creating awareness among the general masses about the precautions that are necessary for mitigation / prevention / preparation against losses generally occur due to natural disasters.